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Главная » 2014 » Октябрь » 19 » Текст Песни Tech N9ne Pornographic (lyrics)
Текст Песни Tech N9ne Pornographic (lyrics)

Слова песни lyrics Tech N9ne Pornographic

Aye, where the camera at? I'm tryna hammer that. your glammer got
Rappers, actors etc. havin a damn attack. and it's that bam and back that's
Standing fat with your rack lets get cannid act like your janet jack and
Mash in the sack. or pretend your Nikki Nova while I film and flip it over
Get me closer to sticky soaking women if the poker. this is the culture
Where we kiss the chocha and if she know to get below the big derover lick
These soldiers strictly vulgar. (Look at her go) watching you on the T.V.
(Like at a show) actin like you were pinkey.(incredable) far from nasty and
Sleezy (your not a ho)Best believe me. something you said made me wanna
Jump in the bed dumpin my threads while your spread legs dead on my red
Cam. this aint a breast scan just wanna bust hair jams she said ram me and
Play it man and I said BLARRR.
Pronographic oh.
Don't make you no hoe.
We can take it slow.
No one has to know.
Oh oh lets make a porno. 
You can taste me, I'll eat you up like digorno.
Don't be shy. that's a no no. 
Me on you. picture that like a photo.
Back it up like a garbage truck. ass like amber rose. bouncing up and down
Like a pogo stick. I wanna see you touch your toes. imma lay back and let
You do all the work til you reach your climax and speel. cream on that
Thing like a wet dream. pussy juice drippin just like pet meal. we on
That... we higher than pluto. she can't get enough. she blowin me like a
Bugle. I'm about to burst just like a water balloon. she took the rubber off
And ate my sperm with a spoon. if that aint pornographic, I don't know what
Pornographic is. booty ass cheeks pierced, pussy lips... just big hips on
My erection. I don't spend money on hoes, hoes spend money on me. I make em
Buy me clothes by using my mouth piece. I tell them I aint got no bread, I
Aint got no paper. you heard what these 40's said, I aint no captain saver.
These big balls smackin, hustlin is my habit. I don't play no games. I beat
The pussy out the frame. 
Pornographic oh. 
Don't make you no hoe. 
We can take it slow. 
No one has to know.
Oh oh lets make a porno. 
You can taste me I'll eat you up like digorno. 
Don't be shy that's a no no. 
Me on you picture that like a photo.
Debbie does dallas. doggie does debbie. baby are you ready? this shit is
Getting heavy. dippin like a chevy. hold it real steady. double up, 
Bringing blow job betty. now we got it poppin low. hit it than I stop and
Go. film it, record it in high definition though. I got my dick by your
Ear. do you hear what I hear? oh brother. no other. I will fuck your
Mother. and that's truthfully. see that's how snoop will be. see cause
Usually booty free, duty free. it's all the same. pussy has no name or no
Face. some love the way it tastes. and I know that. see baby wanna blow
That. I take her to the mic booth and let her do a mic check. daughter like
Mike vick. I make a dyke bitch like dick. right bitch? it took a minute
Just to write this... 
Pornographic oh.
Don't make you no hoe.
We can take it slow.
No one has to know. 
Oh oh lets make a porno.
You can taste me I'll eat you up like digorno. 
Don't be shy that's a no no. 
Me on you, picture that like a photo

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